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SWEAT dripping off me. man it looks just like mud. for It'seams like only yesterday I was a young roofing skin looks like old knees pop and crack. now please Don't get me started on this old roofers just an old roofer some say that im a fool. tryin to make a living with just these two hands and my youth all used up now.its to late to ill head for the ladder. cause now its startin to rain. dang this pain in my body from jobs and years gone my wife looks at our checkbook. i pray That'she wont cry. the winters come to quickly. and were not ready once again. i look at our bills and wonder. why it Don't sink in? so ill strap on my back brace.and crack my fingers so they work. and I pray the guy I work for not some kind of jerk! lord please smile upon me if only you I reach into my grab another pill. i see them every day now. younger roofers with much less skill. they look at me and hes over the hill. but look this wrinkled face son. for your time will come to fast. for most roofers make about fifty and they put us under grass. i think about my dad quite often. grandpa and roofers gone on before. the trade means a great deal to I draw closer to the final door. big jim john and jerry dave and gene and thad. i learned the trade from you men. and for this im truly glad. cell phones and files and gps. these days That's what its all about. today guys think their roofers because they can move a mouse. ive tried the new ways my brothers. i just cant ill just set and ponder as i bounce my grandson on this old roofers lap.bill upchurch 3rd gen.journeymen.roofer.
Category: Roofing Post By: RON VAUGHN (Mansfield, TX), 03/19/2018

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